Sharing our experience
of Theun Mares



The idea of sharing our experience of Théun Mares brought about this project to start. Why? Because it emerged one moment that in all vast Russian internet there is only ONE personal review about him and it is negative! 🙁 Although there is one interview with Russian retreat participant in 2002. And there is only ONE page in all even more vast English internet – the page on ISM website written by Elizabeth. Of course there are nine testimonials in archives of the Temple of Peace but they are very brief and the website is not available in internet any more.

All what is available in the internet now collected on the page «About Théun Mares».

Here we are collecting experiences of people who personally spoke with Théun Mares, or was at his retreats, or was in correspondence with him, or got a guidance from him.

Your experiences can be any kind:

— only your emotional impressions and feelings;

— who was Théun Mares for you;

— the influence he had on you and the changes that followed in you after;

— some interesting stories or facts related to him (may be even photos).

The amount of text also can be any length – from several paragraphs to expanded narrative.

Send all of this to Maxim Sviridov via

Or if it will be short then through the feedback form.

The page will be in two languages – Russian and English, therefore we will translate your text into appropriate language or you can write them in two languages yourself. Dmitry Gorbunov will translate and prepare materials for publication.

We are hope that this project will help future readers of his books to better conceive who Théun Mares was.

And these writings can help to compose his more detailed biography in future.


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