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Following on from the radical change that Théun made in 1999 in his approach to his work of elucidating the Toltec Teachings to humanity, Théun again made a decision in March 2007 that began to materialise what he set out to do eight years previously when he started to run retreats twice a year. In this time Théun achieved his objective of building a strong, dedicated and knowledgeable group of people who were able to assist him in founding a new and utterly unique interactive teaching website for the purpose of reaching a far greater number of students the world over than ever before. As a result of having achieved this objective, Théun held his final retreat in September 2007at the Monastery of Montserrat in Spain. Théun and his group of apprentices then embarked upon the next stage of bringing to humanity the new teaching website.

Following on from this Théun has also now brought into existence what is named The Temple of Peace, the purpose of which was imparted in an injunction given to him by a Courier from the Guardians of the Race in 1994. However, since the materialisation of this endeavour required an understanding of group-consciousness, Théun first needed to bring into being the group now working with him, and therefore this was the deeper purpose inherent within the running of the retreats.

Toltec Legacy was launched in February 2009, and is open to anyone wishing to subscribe to it for the purpose of becoming an apprentice of Théun. The Temple of Peace officially opened its doors to the public in March 2009.



My unusual announcement for a trip to Slovakia from my Canadian home for the sole purpose of meeting one man was met with reactions that ranged from laughter to a raised eyebrow. Still, it was very important for me to meet this man called «Lightbringer» and to hear his advice concerning some very personal issues which I believed lay at the root of my unhappiness or emptiness that I feel inside. Théun spoke to me with a refreshingly direct honesty that I could feel was an expression of his tremendous love and concern that I know the true meaning of happiness. There were times when I couldn’t hold back a few short bursts of laughter as the truth of his words felt delightfully liberating. The value that I took from my visit to the Temple of Peace was worth much more than it’s financial cost. I am grateful for the time that Théun spared to speak with me.

Steven, September 2009


We recently visited the Temple of Peace where we had a session with Théun Mares.

During the session we spoke to Théun about both personal and professional issues and received good counsel on both counts. Although the answers we received were not expecially dramatic or revolutionary, we both came away with a feeling of having changed in subtle ways. This subtle change is now having a major impact on our lives, and is opening up new perspectives for us. Whereas before we tended to struggle to fulfill an endless list of ‘»should’s» and «have to’s», we are now more following our excitement and our hearts, allowing for a much more relaxed and yet more focused and joyful life. We thank Théun Mares and the Temple of Peace for this opportunity.

Karin & Sten, September 2009


For me it was a long journey to take, both literally and methaphorically as well 🙂 It all felt like a memory of something and I am still with the feelings this beautiful and calmful place left me with, and the hope Theun gave me with his guidance to me and my husband.

Iva, August 2009


It is very difficult to put in words what happened for me when I visited Théun at the Temple of Peace. It felt like Life was touching me on a deeper level and I was part of Life again — it was fine to simply be myself without anyone judging me. Théun, thank you for being the friend that I have always dreamed of — honest and yet full of warmth and ready to listen! Thank you for showing me that the world, where we are not ashamed of what we really are, still exists and it is up to me to live in that world! I am now giving this warmth to the people around me, and to myself. I hope we see you again, Théun, and together we manage to build the world we dream of!

Zhivko, August 2009


Within 1 week flat of meeting Théun at the ‘Temple Of Peace’ I had stopped ‘hiding’ from society, sorted out my UK tax problems, found some work, and passed a driving test. So — I can, and will say that Théun Mares definitely gives superb advice to anyone that seeks it out. In this light I would recommend a visit to ‘The Temple Of Peace’ to anybody.

John, August 2009


My visit to the Temple of Peace is one of the best investments I’ve ever made. It was worth every penny that I spent.

I had the pleasure of working in person with Théun and Elizabeth, and experiencing the power that both of their perceptions about me provided has left it’s mark.

I have worked with the books and ideas in the Toltec Legacy for seven years. Whilst the books stand on their own as a source of guidance, meeting Théun in person is an inspiration. His open-hearted kindness, and ability to apply the teachings so specifically to my own issues and questions provided me with much to work with. Sharing space with him led me to addressing aspects of myself that I hadn’t focused on too much before, and uncovered emotions that I’ve not let myself notice in a long time. These experiences will definitely help me progress on my path.

The Temple of Peace is located in a beautiful area of Slovakia. I was able to visit a local hot spring, go hiking in the surrounding mountains, and enjoyed the food and the hospitality of a nearby hotel in Tajov. For nature lovers, there is much to do in the area while visiting the Temple.

Derek, May 2009


When I heard about the Temple of Peace I had intended to go with a friend. However, after corresponding with Théun and the group I had a strong desire to go on my own as soon as possible.

I had so much self doubt around my ability to just travel on my own, but I knew I would feel a strong sense of achievement once I was there. It was important for me to do this on my own because too often in my life I have held back from exploring things on my own and just supported others.

Everyone was really kind with my travel arrangements and I was given an appointment with Théun soon after my arrival. The people at my hotel (Hotel Lesak) were also very welcoming and friendly.

When I first met Théun I was overwhelmed with just the experience of being there. I found it hard to just talk.

I saw him again later in the week and on both occasions I found it hard to believe that such an important and busy person would spend time talking about little me and some of my limited concerns. I didn’t feel inhibited in what I could ask and realise that the communication took place on many levels. Although I am not used to talking too much about me it was enjoyable to have the space, laugh about the world and learn more about the teachings.

I enjoyed having a lot of space to my self and staying somewhere so natural and abundant with nature. I felt as if I was in a creative place and got on with my recapitulation journal and my drawings. It was my own mini retreat in a sense, away from my busy job and usual lifestyle. I live near a forest and on the coast, but not in miles and miles of forest as at the Temple of Peace.

As you go into the Temple of Peace there is the feeling that it is a working environment. It is not over sociable but that is okay because it reaffirms a sense of purpose. People there are working hard relating to each other, and developing a true sense of purpose for the group, which gets all the hearts singing.

Ann, May 2009


I consider myself a lucky person. I was blessed with visiting beautiful places and to meet those whom should be admired, and if I have another chance I will take it.

It felt good. It felt inspiring. Was it Peace and Love and Power that I felt? Find out for yourself.

Dalibor, April 2009


My four-day visit to the Temple of Peace starting on April Fool’s Day 2009 was a valuable experience.

Théun guided me into feeling my heart. In the short course of two days I came to peace with myself.

I cannot express through a few words the joyful and fulfilling enrichment I am blessed with by the pouring into my consciousness of the first drops of the realization what it means to have a heart and a soul. And this is merely the beginning…

Théun is a true master of his craft.

Roman, April 2009



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