Theun Mares


Théun Mares – the most close phonetic transcription of the ancient Toltec name of the author, the emphasis is on the first syllable.


Autobiography essay

I have, for as long as I can remember, always found my greatest inspiration in nature, and because of this love have found myself ever more absorbed in the behaviour patterns of all forms of life. In this respect I now know that I should look upon myself as having been «lucky», in that I have always found myself surrounded by more knowledge than I have known what to do with.

When I was a child I simply assumed that all people saw what I saw, and thought about things in the same way as I do, but as I became older I started to realise that most people are not close to nature, and neither are they familiar with the causes of behaviour patterns. At first I became distressed to discover that people choose to play what I term «the blame game», rather than trying to assess and evaluate the causes of behaviour. Then, as my own knowledge of behaviour patterns increased, I slowly began to understand that most people think and behave the way they do because of their social conditioning.

Knowing full well that if my fellow men are socially conditioned, then so too must I be, I embarked upon a study of how and when such conditioning takes place. The more I learnt, the more horrified I became to realise that men, women and children are not taught to think and fend for themselves, but are instead moulded into instruments with which to uphold belief systems and social structures which not only disempower the individual, but which also undermine his or her sense of self-worth and self-respect. As a result, I began dedicating my life to finding ways and means in which I could play my part in making man aware of his bondage, and how to escape that slavery by claiming back his power, his self-respect and, above all, his freedom.

Throughout all of this time, I have been more than fortunate in having received profound guidance from the wisest man I have ever known. Although for various political reasons the real identity of this man may not be known publicly, I am completely indebted to his enormous knowledge of human behaviour, and to his unwavering belief in the process of evolution. There is no doubt in my mind,that had I not had this man’s guidance, my own quest for knowledge would have been painstakingly slow and laborious.

It is also thanks to my own teacher’s knowledge and vision that I finally came to the conclusion that it is not enough simply to study and learn. Any knowledge, once gained, has no real value unless it is utilised, and it was in recognition of this fact that I made the decision to start imparting my own knowledge of the tradition to which I am heir; namely, the Toltec teachings, through the medium of teaching and writing.

In my own quest for knowledge, I have learned that an openness of heart, and an inclusive attitude towards all of life, are the only two requirements needed for the traveller upon the Path of Freedom, as expressed through the Toltec teachings. Consequently what started off for me as a private journey of self-discovery within that adventure known as life, has become a lifetime’s commitment to the freedom and well-being of all of my fellow creatures, human and otherwise – a commitment and journey which nonetheless still remain the greatest adventure I have ever experienced. Throughout this adventure I have learned that, at the end of the day, there is only one life, of which all of us, including our fellow creatures, are but units playing our part in the formation of that glorious tapestry known as destiny. In this respect, I too am playing my part as I continue to teach and write, imparting the Toltec legacy.


This logo signifies that this work concerns the Toltec Path of Freedom as expressed by Théun Mares, and serves to differentiate these teachings from Meso-American traditions of Toltequity, Nagualism and Shamanism.


About Théun Mares (from the publishing house)

If life can be characterised as a gentle, natural process of evolution, then the life of Théun Mares revealed that process. In the world today, though, there is no such gentle, natural process. The problems we face are the result of spurning the process of life, and so the earth and all who inhabit the earth, are dangerously out of balance. But we know all this. The question is, how do we, as individuals, regain our balance? How do we again incorporate into our actions the interrelationship of all of life? How do we implement the principles, within our own lives, that will result in a new world coming into being? One thing we can be sure of, and that is what we have tried so far, is clearly not working.

Throughout his life, Théun always sought that balance. What is it that causes a lack of balance in each of us? What specifically, in our own unique way, has caused us to be so out of harmony with ourselves, with our relationships, with the world around us? From his career as a classical dancer, to his career in education, and then writing books and guiding people, Théun strove to find the balance and poise within himself, and was able to impart this uniquely to others. As Théun said, «What is balance, but a finely-honed application of life’s guiding principles of intelligent co-operation?»

«If we can learn what it truly means to co-operate intelligently with all of life, then we can experience harmony, instead of destruction. If we allow life to evolve naturally and gently, then we can also experience regeneration. Such is the way of the warrior – to touch the world lightly – to learn to be fully part of the world, but yet not to despoil her.»

Yet, for far too long, our cultures have embodied the corrosive divisiveness that grows out of the extreme separativeness of a purely rationalistic approach to life. So we force our views continually on others and their societies – man vs man, man vs nature. We even force our views onto our own children. The books of Théun Mares show how we can overcome the effects of separativeness within ourselves, and within our lives, and so achieve the balance and harmony we so desire. A balance between spirit and matter, feelings and mind, male and female, our light sides and our dark sides, a balance between all of the seemingly opposing forces that threaten to pull us apart. The end result is that once ALL our aspects have been brought into alignment; have been reconciled, we find that our life is evolving harmoniously and we feel constantly renewed.

Théun always said that he was a nagal in a hurry, as he needed to achieve so much in his lifespan. Consequently, in the many endeavours that Théun initiated, he trained a select group of people, who could be trusted to continue his work in their respective areas of specialisation – the work of bringing the Toltec Legacy, in its different forms, to humanity.

Charles Mitchley
(friend and publisher)



Théun Mares was never concerned with catching the eye. Instead, his every movement originated from, and was addressed to, the heart. The result is that Théun’s life carries an influence that is powerful beyond calculation. All that we can say at this point is that the effects will be felt for aeons to come.

Théun Mares’ life ended peacefully in 2011.


Short biography

Théun Mares was born in Zimbabwe, of a mother who was a natural seer, and a father who was a miner. Having a seer’s ability himself, Théun was trained from an early age in this path and in the disciplines of the Toltec tradition. Toltec means «A man or woman of knowledge,» and the Toltec tradition encompasses a vast and ever-expanding system of knowledge about life, the universe and the part we play within both.

Drawing upon his knowledge of the fundamental unity of all of life, Théun used his seer’s skills and training to uncover the essential truths that lie at the heart of all true religions and beliefs systems. In his books, he reveals the nature of these core truths, which have so often become distorted, corrupted and lost with the passage of time. He also shows how we can use these truths in a practical manner to revolutionise our thinking, our behaviour and our world.

Théun’s career spanned the breadth of the performing arts, education and business. The overall aim of his work is firstly, to rekindle in all of us the knowledge that the whole purpose of life is the evolution of awareness, and secondly, to imbue in us an understanding of how this is best achieved.

His message is that the only possible way for us to create a hope-filled future, rather than a world filled with destruction, is by developing the openness of heart to embrace all of life fully, rather than by becoming separative, divisive and by indulging in escapisms.

Embracing all of life involves meeting all our challenges head-on, rather than running away from them. It involves developing and maintaining respect for the world in which we live and for life in general; it involves acknowledging that all our actions have an impact on those around us, and it also involves the constant willingness to respond – to take action – based upon the feedback we are getting from our lives. For the only thing of lasting value in life upon the physical plane is to live it all, to experience it all, to embrace it all: the good with the bad, and so to develop the sense of utter inclusiveness, which is the mark of a passionate, alive and truly human, being with a heart.


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Video Interview


Théun Mares — An Introduction (YouTube playlist — 11 parts)
English subtitles are available.

Théun Mares, humanitarian and author, man of knowledge of the Toltec Tradition, is highly skilled in helping people to help themselves in building relationships. Mares has extensive knowledge of life and human behaviour and as an author of eight books, he continues to share a vast amount of the Teachings of the Toltec Tradition.

In this introduction we meet for the first time, one who has heretofore been bringing light to many quietly behind the scenes. The world situation is such that he chooses now to go public.

Full text

Interview by Elizabeth Schnugh
May 2009

Théun Mares — Money, Economics & Politics (YouTube playlist — 7 parts)
English subtitles are available.

In this series of interviews on money, economics and politics, Théun Mares gives us his insight into what those human endeavours truly represent, how they are being used as methods of control, and therefore impeding our evolution, and how they could be used intelligently to uplift all of humanity.

Issues such as taxation, debt, bartering. Insurance, interest, the banking system and different forms of government are all discussed. Included are practical steps we can all take, to claim back our power as individuals, and as members of our respective communities, to bring about the change that is so necessary to our well-being as well as the freedom to create a different reality.

Full text

Interview by Russell Braithwaite
May 2009


Books available on Renascent Legacy Press

Toltec is a very ancient word and it quite literally means a man or woman of knowledge. It is as simple as that – a man or a woman of knowledge.

Yet in this context it is also useful to know that we describe knowledge as knowledge of self and knowledge of life, because there is not a difference between self and life. We are alive or if you like, a life, and therefore, we are one with life. So when we speak about knowledge of self, versus knowledge of life, it is really one and the same thing – self representing the microcosm, life representing the macrocosm. And of course, the microcosm and the macrocosm are one.

Théun Mares has written in total seven volumes which elucidate the various concepts and techniques of the Warrior’s Path. These are needed by the serious student who wishes to learn how to apply the Toltec teachings in a practical manner, so as to draw full benefit from having the knowledge to handle the varied challenges found within daily life.

e-Books available on Amazon


The Toltec Legacy

This on-line teaching facility has been formed for the reason: it provides students of the Toltec Teachings who are working alone and without guidance the opportunity to interact with other apprentices following the teachings as presented by Théun.

The material contained in this website forms the most valuable tool possible for the sincere student of the Toltec teachings who wishes to understand how to apply the teachings, as presented in the books, in a truly meaningful and practical way to his or her everyday life.

This unique online teaching facility created by Théun, contains, in addition to the books, an extensive database of practical material and guidance, as well as an interactive forum.

This web-site requires Mozilla Firefox web-browser and Adobe Flash Player plug-in.

Text only version of web-site introduction


Toltec Legacy Blog — Dedicated to the propagation of Toltec Legacy

This is a blog dedicated to the propagation of the Legacy of the Toltecs, as this was re-introduced to the world through the work of Théun Mares. The main “Toltec Legacy” website, may be viewed through the link on the Menu of this blog. Once you click on that link, you will read the introduction Théun wrote and then, if you choose the option “Continue” (and not the option “Continue to the Gateway”), you will be able to enjoy the website trailer. It is a trailer created under the supervision of Théun himself and its purpose is to impart to you a feeling for what you may find in “Toltec Legacy”. So, make some time for yourself, as the trailer is around two hours long, during which time you may enjoy a true adventure, seasoned with wonderful graphics and with music that was composed especially for “Toltec Legacy”.

Earlier this year (2016), the decision was made to make the greater part of the teaching facility freely available to the public. For that purpose, an enormous amount of material became available on the internet. This material contains personalised guidance, so that one may be able to see how the various concepts of the teachings apply to the everyday life of the average person.

Suppose you want to explore the concept of “self importance”. There is indeed an article on that, freely available on the internet. But if you write “self importance” in a search engine, the article’s ranking is so low that it is practically unattainable. What you can do is write: “ self importance” and the article then will appear first in the search engine results *. You may do the same with other concepts you are exploring; first you write and then right next to it you write the concept you wish to explore. You will discover that there exists quite a lot of material for many of the concepts you are busy with. And you will be able to see the Toltec approach to those concepts, compare it with the approach of other sources out there in the web of life and start getting a feeling for what it has to offer you.

(* As experience has shown to get even better results in Google you should write: “ self importance”)


Unique Relationship Courses 
from The Institute for the Study of Man

Life is a most priceless gift, but if we are to savour the full beauty of this gift we must be able to relate to ourselves and to those around us in a meaningful and fulfilling manner. We show you how to handle relationships with skill, for at the end of the day all of life is about relationships.

“What makes my heart sing is to help those people who need clarity in their relationships to help themselves.” — Elizabeth Schnugh, founder of the Institute.


On working with Théun Mares

This is an article on ISM web-site written by Elizabeth Schnugh in January 2010.


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The Temple of Peace


Théun Mares Family — Facebook page


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